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I'm a Chicago native and I am currently studying music business at Columbia College Chicago.

I work at one of the most amazing venues in the city which is House of Blues Chicago and intern with Live Nation.

I am a former GRAMMY Camp participant from 2010. Since camp, I continue to work with The GRAMMY Foundation.

Last year I got to work at Lollapalooza on one of the main stages where I was literally inches away from Dave Grohl.

Beastie Boys star Adam Yauch’s will bans use of his music in advertising

Interesting situation…Adam puts in his will that he doesn’t want Beastie Boys’ music to be used in commercial advertising. However, the other members of the band still have that right to license it because they are authors. But then, Adam’s family gains his rights and can sue the company who uses their music even though the other guys said yes. Jeezes, music business at its finest.

(Source: Guardian)